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A MOMENT OF WEAKNESS: This is Book 1 in my Boston Alibi series, a sexy category romance from Entangled’s Brazen imprint…


He can fight anything…except his need for her.

Until her new job starts in September, buttoned-up elementary school teacher Laurel Harris is at loose ends and in need of cash. Fortunately her best friend’s older brother is a single dad and desperately needs a nanny. Or so she’s told. She doesn’t anticipate him being such a menacing, muscled, and undeniably gorgeous man…or that he has zero interest in hiring a nanny.

Micah Crane will do right by his young daughter, no matter the cost. And right now, that cost is juggling parenthood with long hours at his bar and working as an enforcer for a notorious crime boss. He doesn’t need another complication in his life, but the sweet, frustratingly opinionated little blonde hell-bent on caring for his daughter stirs his blood like no woman ever has.

All it takes is a moment of weakness to ignite the lust blazing between them. A moment that will unravel their self-control and unleash all of Micah’s darkest secrets…

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JUST ONE REASON: a sweet category romance from Entangled’s Lovestruck line. If you like tortured heroes, this one is for you!


As far as Declan Waterford is concerned, women are off limits—at least until he can earn enough money for his brother’s surgery. The dueling piano gig at Vegas’s Masquerade hotel barely pays enough…but if Declan can convince his boss to promote him, he’ll be set. And the Senior VP of the hotel’s gorgeous daughter might just be the “in” Declan needs.  

Between drowning in mistakes at her editorial internship and fighting off her father’s demands that she relocate to Vegas and join his hotel empire, Melody Sumner doesn’t have time for love—or one-night stands with sexy Irish piano players—no matter how appetizing Declan is. But even though she knows he’s only interested in her for one reason, the intense chemistry between them has her thinking dangerous thoughts…

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I’m all for a tortured hero, and Declan was everything I could ask for. ~Refreshingly Riki review blog

Pair a sexy Irishman with a somewhat innocent girl and the sparks are just a-flying everywhere! ~Thoughts at One in the Morning review blog

This book has just the right amount of passion, angst, and HEA. ~Wicked Good Reads review blog


BONE DEEP: A steamy new adult contemporary told from an all male point of view. Tour hosted by Inkslinger PR


The boy who wants forgiveness…

Haunted by the train accident his father instigated, college freshman Krister Ledoux is obsessed with finding the person sending him cryptic hate mail. He knows it’s one of them—a family member of one of the accident victims, and he’s willing to go to hell and back to find out which one.

The girl he can’t forget…

She was a stranger who kissed him in the middle of the train station, and now she’s the girl who pleads with her eyes for Krister to be the distraction she’s so desperate for. Krister doesn’t know what it is about her, why he’s sucked into playing Cambria’s game… All he knows is that when he’s with her, he isn’t consumed with thoughts of the crash.

The collision that can’t be avoided…

Cambria doesn’t know who Krister is—that he’s the son of the town’s most infamous killer, and he knows if his true identity surfaces he’ll lose her forever. However secrets can’t stay buried forever, and now Krister must fight to prove that their bone-deep connection is far more powerful than the hatred she now has toward him.

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Praise for BONE DEEP:

Bone Deep succeeded in completely wreaking havoc on my heart. It was beautiful and bittersweet. ~Tangled up in Books

Krister and Cambria are two characters that will pry open your heart and climb right in, making their presence known with every word read, with every page turned. ~Deliciously Wicked Books



FRAGILE LINE (Entangled Teen): A young adult contemporary suspense. If you like gritty YA with loads of emotions, this book is for you!

**A #1 Amazon Best-Selling Young Adult Novel**


It can happen in a flash. One minute she’s kissing her boyfriend, the next she’s lost in the woods. Sixteen-year-old Ellie Cox is losing time. It started out small…forgetting a drive home or a conversation with a friend. But her blackouts are getting worse, more difficult to disguise as forgetfulness. When Ellie goes missing for three days, waking up in the apartment of a mysterious guy—a guy who is definitely not her boyfriend, her life starts to spiral out of control.

Perched on the edge of insanity, with horrific memories of her childhood leaking in, Ellie struggles to put together the pieces of what she’s lost—starting with the name haunting her, Gwen. Heartbreakingly beautiful, this poignant story follows one girl’s harrowing journey to finding out who she really is.

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Watch the book trailer here

Praise for FRAGILE LINE:

“Brooklyn Skye wrote a five star book. She filled it with five star characters that were both strong and sympathetic.” –New Adult Addiction review blog

 “The need to know what’s causing Ellie’s blackouts and what’s happening during them is fierce!” –Pretty Little Pages review blog

 “…absolutely stunning. Brooklyn Skye has a talent in world building and storytelling and I’m telling you – you do not want to miss this book.” –Grownup Fangirl review blog


STRIPPED,  a New Adult Contemporary Romance. Recommended for readers 17 and up. If you like your romance heartbreaking and hopeful, this book is for you!

**A #1 Amazon Best-Selling New Adult Novel**


strippedcover2College freshman Quinn Montgomery will do anything to avoid the mistake her sister made—killing herself over a boy. But when she is forced into nude modeling at a local college to support her family after a bankruptcy, she begins to crack, just enough to let Torrin, the university’s top varsity oarsman, see that the real Quinn is not as feisty and unapproachable as she wants everyone to think. But letting someone in comes at a steep cost and, it turns out, Torrin is connected to Quinn’s family in more ways than she could ever imagine.
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Praise for STRIPPED:
“I surely didn’t anticipate to love this book so much, it wasn’t the story I expected it to be…I think I can add another favorite of this year to the list. An amazing read!” -Bookish Randomness review blog
“I’m so swooning. Don’t want my time with Torrin to end yet.” -Michelle Brownlow, author of IN TOO DEEP
“A very touching and poignant novel. It’s well crafted–I laughed and I cried. It is an amazingly insightful story about the power of perception, or misperception, as the case may be.” -Bookworm Brandee review blog
“…a wonderfully written, multi layered read that I enjoyed immensely.” -YA Book Addict

“Written as a reflection of Quinn’s emotional state, Stripped will give you hope.” -Stuck in Books review blog

WITHOUT YOU, a novella to STRIPPED written in Torrin’s point of view. Much hotter than STRIPPED and even more emotional.
**An Amazon Best-Selling New Adult Novella**

She was broken when I met her, shattered from the death of her sister and running from love. Not to sound like an egotistical douche or anything, but I fixed her. Put her back together, filled in the cracks, and made her whole. A true fairytale in her eyes.

But now real life is getting in the way: school, jobs, and the unexpected opportunity to travel the world under a legendary photographer. This internship will open doors not even my father’s influence could. It’s something I’ve been waiting all my life for. But so is Quinn, and accepting this internship will mean leaving her.

And breaking her all over again.

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Praise for WITHOUT YOU:
“The novella is jam packed with drama and emotion that left me wanting more.” -Refreshingly Riki review blog
“Brooklyn Skye writing style consumed me the entire time.” –Shawna’s Survey review blog
“…filled with emotions that will leave your heart aching, wondering, hoping, and yes, a little relief in the end.” -Book Freak review blog
STRIPPED Without You, the complete STRIPPED series in one book!
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