It’s here, it’s here: the birthday of A Moment of Weakness! And what better way to start off the day than a look inside the book. This is one of my favorite scenes because it really shows Laurel’s personality (and the attraction she has to Micah).


AMoW_500She opened her mouth, but before she could get anything out, he said, “How about I show you where you’ll be sleeping,” and walked out of the kitchen, gesturing for her to follow.

Silently, she trailed him, her suitcase bumping along the carpeted hallway. With each step, she catalogued what she knew of him so far.

Right foot. Raising six-year-old alone.

Left foot. Has taken some precautions in keeping Shaelynn safe, but might need some help with that.

Right foot. His backside is really, really nice to look at.

Left foot. I wonder if those muscles under his back pockets feel as hard as they look—

“It’s only a two-bedroom apartment,” he said, suddenly coming to a stop. The movement was too fast, and by the time her brain caught up, she was already slamming into the back of him. Right against the butt she’d been staring at.

Oh my god.

He twirled fast and clamped his huge hand around the top of her arm to steady her, those brown eyes ticking from her eyes to her forehead to her ears, mouth, over her shoulder, then back to her eyes. The force of his stare triggered a nervous giggle from her lips.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, forcing her gaze to stay with his even though the intensity was making her a little dizzy. “I didn’t expect you to stop right there.”

“We’re at the end of the hallway,” he said, unamused.

Right. But… She pointed to where the carpet dead ended. “I couldn’t see because of your…”

Butt. Not a chance she’d admit that.

Your entire ginormous body blocking my view. Yeah, not that either.

“Because of…um, you,” she said, swallowing down what she hoped was all of her embarrassment.

When Entangled asked me to write this book, I didn’t realize how much I would end up connecting with the hero, Micah Crane. Not because he is a fighter (I’m actually the calmest person you’ll probably ever meet), but because of the sheer desperation to do right by the one thing he holds dearest to his heart: his six-year-old daughter. This story is one about falling for someone unexpected, but it is also the story of a man who will do ANYTHING to protect his family. If you like tortured heroes and a little angst to your romance, A Moment of Weakness might be for you 🙂 Happy reading!


Book links:

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So tell me, who is your favorite bad boy/good girl couple?


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