6 Days til Release: Meet the Cast of FRAGILE LINE!



Ellie: Her blackouts are getting worse, more difficult to disguise as forgetfulness. It’s not easy putting on a front—to her parents, friends, and most importantly Shane—especially when inside she feels like she’s splintering into a million pieces.

 aaaaEYES: blue. HAIR: brown. IDENTIFYING FEATURES: scar on right wrist & tree tattoo on hip. WHAT SHE’S FEELING NOW: confused.


Shane: What else was he supposed to do when the love of his life cheated on him? And worse, watching Ellie now with that other guy… Yeah, this year can suck it.

bbbbEYES: green. HAIR: black. IDENTIFYING FEATURE: kissable lips (according to Ellie). WHAT HE’S FEELING NOW: like he wants to punch something.


Griffin: She asked for his number when he tattooed her, and he’s falling for her. Fast. But does she feel the same? Some days she looks at him like she is, others it’s like she doesn’t know him at all.

ccccEYES: blue. HAIR: brown.  IDENTIFYING FEATURE: tattoos on wrist and forearm. WHAT HE’S FEELING NOW: the need to understand.


Gwen: There’s only one person who’s ever been able to erase the painful memories. But she’s hurt Griffin, and he may never take her back after what she’s done.

ddddEYES: blue. HAIR: brown. IDENTIFYING FEATURE: an assortment of scars spanning the length of her back. WHAT SHE’S FEELING NOW: like the world owes her something.


Releases on April 21st!  

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