The Story Behind the Story


The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.

~ JOHN MILTON, Paradise Lost



I’ve always been drawn to psychology. In college it was my favorite subject, and it seems mental disorders always find their way into my stories. The inspiration for FRAGILE LINE came from an episode of Oprah years ago. Funny as it sounds, I feel like I was fated to find this idea. Because that afternoon I sat down in front of the TV (which I RARELY do) and watched an episode of Oprah (which I NEVER did—that’s like an old person’s show, right?) But on this show was a guest who was living with a mental disorder. I can’t say which one, because that will give away the twist of Ellie’s story, but it was one I couldn’t stop thinking about. For weeks. It was like a seed planted in my brain that kept growing and growing until I knew this story was demanding to be told. Over the course of three years, I rewrote this story eight times, changed the title three times, and cried when it finally found a home with Entangled Publishing. FRAGILE LINE is a realistic story about a young girl who is discovering just what the mind is capable of.


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