FUN STUFF for release week

We have a lot going on next week for the release of WITHOUT YOU, and since the novella dropped early (On B&N now! Amazon should follow shortly.) I’ve decided to start the fun this weekend! YAY! Okay so here’s the deal(s):



1. Some of you haven’t read STRIPPED yet. So guess what? STRIPPED will be on sale for $0.99 this whole week. So, really, there’s no excuse. Plus…Torrin. *swoon*

2. If you purchase both STRIPPED and WITHOUT YOU then forward the receipt to, you will receive a personal, handwritten letter from me!

3. A Limited Edition of WITHOUT YOU will only be available during the release week (Oct. 21-26). This edition includes a special bonus interview in which Torrin and I have a conversation with each other. Ahem…T.O.R.R.I.N.


Beginning Monday, Oct. 21st, if you follow the WITHOUT YOU blog tour (Hosted by YA Bound, schedule HERE), you will have the opportunity to enter a drawing for signed swag and a $50 gift card to your choice of Amazon or B&N!


WYpromopic2Without You, Stripped, Brooklyn Skye, novella, Torrin, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, New Adult


As always, if you read and love the novella, I would be forever grateful if you posted a review of Goodreads, B&N, and Amazon. (Most people don’t realize how much this HELPS authors.) 




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