When Fans Make Me Laugh…


You guys don’t even understand how much I smile when I read emails from you. This one is from one of my most favorite fans in the world (you know who you are, JDC *wink, wink*) and I have to share some of the highlights she sent me after she finished reading an ARC of Without You.

“I wanted to push Torrin’s HOT AMAZING SMEXY body (but I know I can never because I would be touchy-feely with him *wink wink*) and push him to Quinn (or to me *winks* — I don’t have any blinking problem, haha) and let him tell Quinn what is bugging him. TRUST. TRUST.”
“The ending was love. YEAH, SO SUE ME ❤ *flails like a penguin, rolls over the ice — because I needed cold shower because it was too sweet and my heart is ready to burst — swims to ice again… Repeat set until cooled down*”
“I was just so loving Torrin so much that he went caveman :”>”
“FULLY BLAMES WORD COUNT SINCE I WANT MOAAAAAR *you get this already* TORRIN. K, Quinn too. :”> HAHA!”
“Babe”, oh for shizz sake, STAAAAHP being HAWT. (Sorry for that, I am really saying that).
Is it Friday yet?

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