WITHOUT YOU (a STRIPPED novella) Teaser #2 + NEWS!

Another teaser, anyone? (This one breaks my heart…)

     I look into her eyes, try to memorize them without the glisten of tears

and etch of lines crawling out from the corners…blurring through my

own tears.

     She blinks, and a tiny teardrop slides onto her cheek. 

     “Torrin,” she says, louder and with more strength. Taking a deep breath,

she squares her shoulders letting her arms fall to her sides and looks me dead-on—

cold and hard just like the first time I met her. “You can’t stay.”


Anyway, I also have NEWS!

The cover reveal for WITHOUT YOU will be August 26th (look for sign-ups to join in on the fun next month) and the novella will release October 8th (tour sign-ups will be posted in September). Yipeee! I’m so excited!



(Another proof from the STRIPPED cover shoot.)


There are still a few more spots left for the second leg of the STRIPPED tour. If interested go here.



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